MACCIUS + Zimbra: A Great Foundation 
for Collaboration

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite unifies users´ email, contacts, and calendars           to streamline daily workflows. It also supports exciting innovations such as          one-click access to phone dialing, appointments, maps, and other information

right from within email messages.

When you choose MACCIUS to host your Zimbra Collaboration Suite, you

get our highly reliable network services plus our proven expertise in hosting

Linux and Mac OS X applications. Your users will be able to access Zimbra

application from Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems, as well as from

leading PDAs and smartphones.

Find out for yourself why companies including Sony Ericsson, Union Bank of California,, Symantec, and Dalai Lama Foundation rely on MACCIUS

for their hosting needs.

Zimbra Hosting Package

Our Zimbra Hosting Package gives you:

•     99.999% guaranteed uptime on the network, hardware, and services
•     Up to 2GB of storage space per user
•     Virus and spam protection
•     Support for the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) Connector for Outlook,
       enabling bidirectional synchronization with Microsoft Outlook email,

       contacts, calendars, and other tools
•     Support for the ZCS Connector for Apple iSync, allowing bidirectional

       integration with Mac OS X applications such as Mail and iCal
•     Support for all other ZCS connectors, including Eudora, Thunderbird,

       RSS, and so on
•     Support for all Zimbra-supported mobile devices, including BlackBerry, 

       Treo,Pocket PC, and others
•     Unlimited email aliases
•     Unlimited number and size of attachments
•     Unlimited bandwidth
•     Easy Web-based administration
•     Managed DNS
•     Robust data backup and recovery, including journaling, hierarchical
      storage management (HSM), clustering, replication, and archiving

Pricing begins at $35 per month for 5 users with $35 setup fee.

The MACCIUS Infastructure

MACCIUS offers the ideal foundation for your Zimbra Collaboration Suite.
We use multiple Tier 1 network providers for a choice of Internet backbone        routes, with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing to send your data
out the fastest route possible. Our data center features multiple, redundant
fiber routes for maximum network flexibility and reliability.

•     Fully meshed topologyóno single points of failure
•     6 fiber providers and 11 carriers, including Time Warner Telecom,

       Qwest, Level3, AT&T, Peer1, and more
•     7 data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia
•     Top-of-the-line Cisco hardware
•     BGP routing for best path selection
•     Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) for customer routing redundancy
•     Private virtual LAN for each customer

For more technical information on our data centers, please visit

About the Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Winner of the 2006 Community Choice Award for Best

Enterprise Project, the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is an open source

enterprise collaboration system that reduces the cost and complexity of

collaboration, and changes the way users and administrators interact with

their email and calendaring applications. The ZCS includes integrated search,

single-copy mail store, discovery, and antispam and antivirus capabilities.

A rich, full-featured, AJAX-based Web client brings email and calendar items

to life through Web mash-ups. MACCIUS hosts the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition. For more information, please see

Zimbra Flash Demo

•     Zimbra Flash Demo

If you have more questions about how MACCIUS can provide you with

the best possible platform for your Zimbra applications, please call us at 888.622.2487, or contact us at




Your best alternative to Microsoft Exchange

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite offers a cost-effective, vendor-independent choice for companies currently using Microsoft Exchange. Zimbra even offers a wizard that streamlines migration by automatically creating a new account on the Zimbra server for each existing Exchange user, then importing email messages, attachments, and contacts from each userís Exchange account. The import process replicates the userís Outlook folder hierarchy, and any keywords are converted to ZCS tags. If youíll need to upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Exchange soon, consider switching to the Zimbra Collaboration Suite instead.

MACCIUS: The Mac OS X Zimbra experts

MACCIUS is the leading provider of application hosting and managed services specialized for the Apple® platform. We have unsurpassed experience with hosting applications on Xserve and Mac mini systems running Mac OS X Server. And our close working relationship with Apple enables us to stay on top of the latest advances in Mac hardware and software.

The Zimbra Collaboration Server for Mac OS X is an open-source, enterprise-grade email and collaboration server and application. It includes support for iCal, Apple Mail clients, and Apple Xsan storage. To support both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Mac systems, Zimbra now offers Universal versions of both the ZCS itself and the ZCS Connector for Apple iSync.

MACCIUS is honored that Zimbra has chosen us to be the premier hosted service provider (HSP) for the Zimbra Collaboration Server for Mac OSX.