Software on Demand

Hosted Applications

MACCIUS provides a wide range of secure hosted applications to a vast array of businesses. Our dedicated in-house engineering teams specialize in each mission-critical application supported by MACCIUS. These core hosted applications come with 24/7/365 unwavering technical support at no additional cost. Software hosted by MACCIUS includes:

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS)

As a previous winner of the Community Choice Award for Best Enterprise Project, Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a trusted, proven open source enterprise collaboration system designed to reduce the cost and complexity of collaboration. ZCS changes the way users and administrators interact with their email and calendaring applications by meeting the most rigorous expectations. ZCS includes integrated search, single-copy mail store, discovery, and sophisticated anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities. A rich, full-featured AJAX-based web client brings email and calendar items to life, through web mash-ups.

Kerio MailServer

Kerio MailServer 6 is the ultimate solution for MS Exchange and NT users. Its robust email server permits companies to collaborate via email, shared contacts, calendars and tasks. Select features assist in combatting increasing security threats. This is a secure multiple-domain mail server working with POP and IMAP mail clients. Key features include secure mail, integrated McAfee anti-virus, built-in SpamEliminator, WebMail, groupware, easy administration console, Microsoft Exchange migration tool and directory services for managing user accounts. Kerio’s focus is on making technology accessible, flexible and easier to utilize.

Hosted Email Archiving

Email archiving is required for most public and private companies. Hosted email archiving helps companies meet corporate, legal and regulatory requirements as well as accelerate legal discovery, protect critical business information and reduce the cost of storage and backup windows. In today’s climate of shrinking IT budgets, companies need to do more with less. This includes having key personnel focus on their core competencies and leverage their talents toward key initiatives within the company.

Web Meetings and Conferencing

Web conferencing software provides users with a secure environment to share data and converse with high voice quality. The E-meeting Portal hosts virtual meetings and collaboration sessions, bringing key people together through a simple click on a web page. When team members in remote locations are working with the same information, in a user-friendly virtual environment, a greater degree of success is achieved on all projects.

Central attributes of MACCIUS web conferencing software include: Voice Over IP, interactive whiteboard with support for MS Office documents and the ability to talk and chat in groups and in private. With support for high-grade security, NAT (Network Address Translation) firewalls and expandability, the E-meeting Portal is a favorable, flexible solution for creating shared spaces online to bolster remote collaboration.

Document Management

MACCIUS offers a modern document management system that facilitates the tracking, management and control of all versions of digital information, while complying with organizational retention and legal requirements. The ability to access work-vital documents from virtually any input device extends collaboration to users in any location.

The web-based document management system is application independent and designed to facilitate better, more secure, communication by providing central data management, document revision control, and seamless document sharing. Reduce errors and regulate distribution with document access based on user permissions.

ERP Enterprise

ERP solution delivers enterprise-class technology and performance with ease of use and low cost of ownership. It is the first and only OS X native ERP package that is optimized for Mac OS X and Xserve. The fully integrated and scalable design enables customers to manage all key business operations in a unified system, enhancing the flow of data throughout the organization in real time and reducing redundant tasks.

ERP Components include:

Accounting and Finance - accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, budgeting, and asset management

Production and Materials Management - demand forecasting, master production scheduling, quality control, purchasing, inventory and workflow

Human Resources - payroll, administering employee benefits, performance evaluations, and tax requirement compliance

Customer Relationship Management - customer-specific data collection, sales force automation, marketing automation, geolocation technology, order entry, quoting and estimating, and recording customer interactions

Supply Chain - demand planning, purchasing, supplier management, raw material movement and storage, work-in-progress inventory

Corporate Performance Management - business intelligence, corporate governance, reporting and multi-entity consolidation

Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management - systems engineering, product and portfolio, manufacturing process management, and product design and data management

Network Process Automation

Integrate event data, automate IT processes and analyze operations in real time from a single source. MACCIUS Network Process Automation (NPA) is a unique and powerful process automation solution that merges event data from IT management systems and transforms them into meaningful information.

Key components include:

Built-in policies to quickly diagnose problems

Automated resolutions to routine problems

Unified dashboard interface for real-time network views

Ease in prioritizing, modifying and assigning events

Robust reporting tools for determining strengths and weaknesses in the network.

Streaming Media

Streaming media offers a powerful, scaleable web-based solution that reduces costs by consolidating servers and storage, and centralizing management. Streamed video or audio content is sent in compressed form over the Internet and is played on-demand, with no need to save to a hard drive. By automating management across multiple streaming servers and the workflow of users and administrators, labor expenditures and the probability of costly errors are reduced.

Benefits of streaming media include:

  • Seamless support for multiple servers
  • Painless content management via one tool
  • Load balancing
  • Streaming-server clustering
  • Batch upload tool
  • Content validation
  • Utilizes personalized playlists and video search
  • Allows monitoring of visitor media consumption
  • Efficient use of bandwidth
  • Greater control over intellectual property