MACCIUS Consulting and Training

When aligning with MACCIUS, you are in touch with a world-class consulting team who garners a comprehensive understanding of how to streamline your business operations, based on need and enterprise aspirations. You have the utmost support during pre-planning and initial implementation, and MACCIUS remains partnered to help you stay up-to-date and reap the maximum return on investment. Creating desired user experience is our forte, and we ensure your transition occurs with minimal disruption.

Initial Consultation

MACCIUS develops a successful partnership by first recognizing that the core needs of each company we work with are distinct. From your initial contact, the collective goal is to identify unique needs and work closely with your in-house team to develop a viable plan that includes a thorough analysis of your current application portfolio, to address duplicate and inefficient software.

Before revised methods are discussed, current practices are evaluated, and key employees are interviewed. Integrating a team approach helps employees’ personal transitions and maximizes future development. MACCIUS creates a customized plan to ensure all impacted employees are given the tools they need to reshape the way they work. An extensive application audit allows us to gather data about existing applications and the infrastructure they rely on, before developing the ideal suite of applications to foster your intent.

Implementation and Training

MACCIUS focuses on the business side of implementations once we have created a well-defined plan based on long-term objectives, not just present needs. Forward-thinking in the planning stages creates a foundation for successful implementation throughout all project phases. Your business is evolving, and your software solution must allow for you to respond to change and opportunity in your market.

User support, comprehensive training and mentoring sessions are critical to the implementation of your software solution. Without a successful rollout, even the most advantageous technology falls short and decreases return on investment. For this reason, MACCIUS delivers lasting change by ensuring all team members are personally invested in the undertaking and eager to adapt to the new technology and processes.

At MACCIUS, we recognize that learning how to use the technology is only one building block of effectual training. MACCIUS excels in taking a strategic approach to change management, as we influence employees to adopt new roles and responsibilities with limited productivity impact. We equip leaders to best guide their teams through change as they learn how to carry out tasks under a new direction geared toward optimal output.

On-Demand Support Across Channels

Consistent, real-time support across channels is available to our clients 24/7/365, including email, live chat, traditional phone and support tickets, because not any one method works for all clients. Fast response time regarding all application incidents is something you can rely on when MACCIUS is your choice. Decisions about future application upgrades and development are aided by accurate tracking of recognized problems and documentation of user enhancement requests.

Our unyielding support, offered in a way that compliments your business flow, allows your company to maintain momentum and address issues effectively and efficiently. In today’s market, fast action in analyzing and resolving issues is a natural requirement, and we are here to provide support how you want it, from a team who remains dedicated to your growth.