Application Management

MACCIUS Application Management Services (MAMS)

Managing corporate applications in today’s environment can be challenging. It’s not surprising that CIOs are focusing on uncovering the “hidden” costs of applications — testing, integration and ongoing support, for example — while striving to maximize their legacy and packaged systems by completing implementation and optimizing maintenance. Meanwhile, strategic business concerns continue to shift — underscoring the need to align IT and business initiatives.

In this environment, more and more organizations are turning to trusted IT service partners to help them balance the challenges of adapting to transforming technologies, handling daily operational concerns and complying with the demand for leading-edge applications.

MAMS Maximize the Efficiency of Your Business

MACCIUS Application Management Services (MAMS) help you manage your application portfolio to achieve maximum business value. When speed-to-market is critical and new e-business applications are needed to support business strategies…when there is demand to integrate complex systems and processes and to expedite integration of environments resulting from mergers and acquisitions, enterprises increasingly rely on MACCIUS Application Management Services to deliver heightened value from their applications portfolios — increased revenues and productivity, reduced costs, multilevel support, and results that map directly to their overall business objectives.

Application Management Services (MAMS) Offerings

MACCIUS defines Application Management Services as a continuum of services encompassing the full application lifecycle — development, management, maintenance, support and governance — applied to a wide range of application types that include custom, legacy, package and e-business systems. These services may be delivered by on-site staff or via a global network of MACCIUS’ off-site delivery centers.

Full Application Hosting
MACCIUS data centers provide customers a cost-effective hosting environment that ensures the highest level of performance, availability, scalability, and security of their business critical applications.

Your Place or Ours
Applications are monitored and managed from MACCIUS Network Operations Center (NOC), staffed 24/7 by experts in managing all facets of application and infrastructure. Applications can reside in a MACCIUS data centers, on a customer’s premise, or in and external data center of their choice.

Seamless Support for Your Applications
MACCIUS application management services are available for leading databases, application, and web server software, and for a select set of business applications used by our customers in mid-sized enterprises. For all of our application-specific support, we work closely with our customers, and with the SIs and ISVs who support them, to ensure a seamless, collaborative approach to application management, with clear communications paths and delineation of responsibilities.

The Benefits:

  • Reduce overall costs by 50% through automation of routine operations tasks
  • Improve systems reliability by 60-80%
  • Ensure 99.999+% uptime for mission critical enterprise applications
  • Ensure 24/7 focused attention on systems and application performance
  • Reduce response and resolution time to seconds, rather than hours and days
  • Reduce customer-generated service requests and increase customer satisfaction
  • Gain access to a real-time view of system performance and availability
  • Focus resources on core business and strategic projects rather than disruptive fire-fighting
  • Business-specific, on-demand solutions created by innovative, leading-edge research and technology
  • Geographically dispersed, highly skilled application resources to perform cost-effective application management and maintenance functions
  • Access to best practices and innovative technologies that increase the business value of your applications
  • Control and visibility over costs
  • Customized, flexible service options and contracting methods


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