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MACCIUS offers a comprehensive suite of managed security services, providing you with 24/7/365 management and monitoring of your security systems. Our globally available services are managed by a recognized team of experts, bringing years of experience into the equation when delivering security and privacy solutions to your business.

A steadfast firewall is one of the key elements of your network’s infrastructure. Without a secure firewall, hackers can easily infiltrate your most critical data. MACCIUS’ managed security services shield you from the volume of sophisticated threats that are growing at an alarming rate.

Managed Firewall

MACCIUS will implement and cost-effectively manage a best-of-breed firewall system on your premises, at a MACCIUS data center or at a third party location of your choice. We provide two options for a complete firewall management and monitoring solution:

Managed Firewall Services include MACCIUS-provided hardware, software licenses, maintenance, monitoring and management by our team of reliable security experts.

Firewall Care Services extend the same monitoring and management to the firewall hardware and software owned by you.

Benefits of MACCIUS Firewall Management:

MACCIUS constantly monitors firewall health, responds to automated alerts and potential problems in minutes, and resolves most issues without the need to contact customer personnel.

Reporting allows you to know where your threats originate and better address any vulnerability. Usage can be tracked to individual workstations, to monitor the online activity of employees.

When you host your firewall at a MACCIUS facility, equipment can be replaced in less than 90 minutes. Spares can also be dispatched to off-site locations.

Update your security profile to remain current with evolving security requirements.

Your systems receive 24/7/365 industry-leading firewall management and monitoring services from a recognized team of experts, with years of experience delivering secure solutions in the public and private sectors.

Access and download archived firewall log files from the last 30 days to perform your own analysis.

Downloaded files and documents are scanned, to add another layer of protection.

Log online activity and block employees from accessing prohibited websites.

Month-to-month fixed costs of firewall management services assist in budgeting, as you are not paying for license renewals.

MACCIUS firewall management services ensure entities comply with FISMA, SOX, PCI DSS or HIPPA guidelines, when applicable.

VPN (Secure Access)

Use MACCIUS Secure Access Services to allow your employees and customers to engage in highly secure communications on a global basis. MACCIUS paves a secure path to business-critical data and extends the security strategy of your core network to all end-users wherever they are and on their own devices.

IP-VPN (Virtual Private Network) Internet Services provide cost-efficient and reliable connectivity between multiple locations. Services are available from MACCIUS facilities to your premises, between third-party locations or between your own global facilities.

Global Dial is a high quality, IP-VPN-supportable dial service that allows employees to access the Internet via a local number from nearly every country in the world.

Benefits Include:

  • The ability to customize the best solution to meet your requirements
  • Fail-over architecture and the delivery of maximum uptime to end-users
  • Rapid problem resolution keeps you up and running
  • 24/7/365 monitoring, alerts, management and maintenance

Scanning & Analysis

Protect your business against vulnerabilities and unsolicited email. MACCIUS’ Scanning & Analysis Services enable you to proactively scan, identify and protect your infrastructure against a variety of vulnerabilities and nuisances.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning detects weaknesses in your systems by scanning for more than 500 known vulnerabilities and providing detailed reports explaining the seriousness of the vulnerabilities and recommended actions. Automatic weekly scanning for over 700 areas of vulnerability, including web servers and server ports, provide the ultimate protection. Focus on your core business and not on whether your business is vulnerable to attack.

Email Virus Protection enables you to outsource powerful email virus scanning, analysis and alerts that proactively protect your business communications. MACCIUS’ fully managed service utilizes three commercial scanners and one heuristics-based scanner to detect viruses. Cost-effectively implement the most advanced email virus protection available for your business.

Anti-Spam Service uses dynamic heuristics to identify and stop spam sent to users within your organization before it can clog up your internal systems or waste valuable time. Effectively stop unsolicited email from entering your system by scanning all incoming mail at the Internet level. Reduce IT and administrative time spent handling junk email with no additional hardware or software required.

Anti-Pornography Service uses artificial intelligence to read and analyze image content and intercept suspect material to minimize email and Internet access abuse. Deploy a fully customizable anti-pornography service that meets your business requirements and company email policy. Gain control of any unauthorized transmission of pornographic images that can cost your business time and money and tarnish reputation.

MACCIUS’ firewall and security services are designed to assist you in combating threats and making your compliance and security initiatives more efficient. In an ever-changing environment where new threats are growing in sophistication, rely on MACCIUS to offer the unwavering support and integrated threat analysis required to keep your enterprise completely protected.