Staying Online is what we do

MACCIUS data centers are carrier-neutral facilities, providing connectivity via a wide range of separate carriers and offering the most competitive Internet access and bandwidth pricing. Carriers and service providers delivering a complete spectrum of connectivity products, including DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, OC-192 and IP services. Our carrier-rich environments provide a broad range of customer choice, scalability, and network and route diversity.

Why Outsource Connectivity?

Connectivity is business-critical, and MACCIUS furnishes global network connectivity that assists in communication among your team and with customers, over a reliable, secure infrastructure. Required services can be deployed on a MACCIUS-owned infrastructure or in combination with an in-house infrastructure provided by a third party. We do not lose sight of the major concern for optimal security and protecting the data within networking systems.

Managed network services are beneficial to enterprises of all sizes and should especially be a major consideration for you if any of the following pertain to your enterprise:

  • You are outgrowing current access lines
  • Providing secure connectivity to remote and mobile employees is essential
  • Your business connects to multiple locations or other sites
  • Integrating voice and data traffic could produce a cost-savings
  • A need exists to prepare for additional traffic from video and other high-bandwidth applications
  • Limited IT budget and staff has resulted in a difficulty to properly manage security and performance

Benefits to Outsourcing Network Services:

  • Frees up the IT department to focus on core competencies without using work hours on network support and eliminates the need for a certified network professional
  • Network overhead costs are lowered, while network services are increased
  • Predictable monthly fee for network services without ongoing investments in maintenance resources or upgrades
  • Varied connectivity options to meet distinct business requirements
  • Provides the ability to implement a global network service without internal global resources
  • Cost-effective introduction of new technologies and upgrades without high capital expenditures
  • Enhanced data and service delivery to remote offices and workers
  • Stay current on potential security threats, and privacy and security regulations
  • Scalability with a flexible connectivity service that allows for growth as your business expands
  • Well-defined service level agreements guarantee resolution times for network issues
  • Single point of contact for network operations and management

You can choose a specific service according to your needs or combine it with other managed network services.

MACCIUS Network Services Include:

  • T1 to OC-48 Access - Provides dedicated high performance connectivity between the customer's facility and MACCIUS' data center for website management
  • IP Address Management - Provides the setup and management of IP addresses to support the customer's applications
  • Domain Name Service - Provides domain name registration, setup and administrative services
  • Telephone and ISDN Access Management - Provides telephone and ISDN connectivity to customer servers
  • Managed Router Service - Provides remote router configuration, maintenance and management, alongside 24/7/365 supervision of routers in a wide area network (router configuration, software patch management and frequent backups are also offered by MACCIUS)
  • Managed Internet - Provides secure Internet connectivity built upon a highly dependable infrastructure, regardless of your access methods and location
  • Managed Local Area Network - Provides customers with a remote LAN switch configuration, maintenance and management, combined with software patch management
  • Network Security - Provides in-depth management of security elements to mitigate network intrusions including viruses, spam and attacks

Contact MACCIUS today to discuss how we can create a working solution for your network, including planning, design and implementation. We do not cease to be on your team after implementation, as our managed network services take absolute responsibility for day-to-day operations and maintenance, giving you the support you need at an attractive, transparent price point.