Las Vegas Data Center

Tier 3 Colocation Services

Colocation is a cost effective hosting solution for companies that own their own hardware and wish to house their servers in one of our secure, state-of-the-art Internet data centers, yet manage their own applications. In addition to fail-safe hosting, MACCIUS clients benefit from our customer support, where expert technical assistance keeps operations running 24/7/365.

Why Colocation?

MACCIUS technology measurably speeds delivery of site content to all points of our dynamic Content Delivery Network (CDN). We offer scalable data replication and load balancing services that provide emergency recovery capability and handle high traffic while eliminating access failure. Proactive care is provided through MACCIUS Enterprise Systems Management. This is our scalable suite of monitoring tools which forms a robust application, server and network monitoring system.

Cost Savings and Predictability - IT costs are considerably reduced when your data is secured off-site. There is no need to spend money staffing or providing space for an in-house data center when you have a dedicated home inside a MACCIUS data center. Our transparent, monthly pricing means true costs are known, and our industry-leading service level agreements means you optimize the operation of your business-critical equipment while your IT budget is regulated.

Security - MACCIUS colocation data centers provide the level of marked security you must require to keep your data safe from threats. This includes around-the-clock armed guards, video monitors and man-traps. To reduce remote threats, we use exemplary firewall services, and intrusion prevention and detection tactics. Breaches in data do not happen when you rely on our unwavering dedication to 24/7/365 security.

Compliance - Ever-changing industry and federal standards dictate the need to maintain a compliant in-house IT infrastructure, but staying up-to-date comes at a cost too high for many businesses. MACCIUS abides by all regulations in place for privacy and security, giving you the peace of mind that not only is your data safe, but you are also compliant.

Increased Uptime and Low Network Latency - Due to the redundancies built into our facilities, MACCIUS helps you achieve what is not easily achievable by an in-house infrastructure. In the event of a connection issue, we are able to seamlessly switch your network over, so your connections remain responsive. MACCIUS’ premium fault-tolerant fiber solutions and dedicated connections to other networks create the ultimate infrastructure reliability.

Scalability - Adding storage within our data centers is simple, and we will accommodate your need for additional space as you grow. Colocation means you never encounter space constraints.

Disaster Recovery - Our state-of-the-art data center keeps equipment and applications safe, should you experience power outages at your location, due to natural disaster or any number of unexpected occurrences. Colocation allows you to retain control over your infrastructure, while MACCIUS provides physical space; this is not the case when you outsource disaster recovery completely.

Reduced Carbon Footprint - MACCIUS remains steadfast in continual research of green technologies and employs the most current energy use reduction methods. Aligning with MACCIUS in your effort to be more eco-friendly speaks to your commitment to reduce your enterprise’s carbon footprint.

A Space That Is Right for You

At MACCIUS, we are not only going to provide space for your hardware; we partner with you to ensure your deployment is seamless. Our experienced data center technicians work alongside your team to coordinate installation into a space that is right for you. Once your hardware is in place, MACCIUS’ team of experts can serve as your on-site hands and eyes, on a scheduled or an on-demand basis, to avoid sending your key staff to our data center to handle routine maintenance, troubleshooting or hardware repair.

Our consulting services will help you integrate new applications and functionality. As you build on your success, MACCIUS supplements your operations with value-added options intended to further arm you to compete and win in an increasingly complex online environment. Reliable, scalable colocation options at MACCIUS include:

Cabinets – Cabinets are steel frame locking units designed to house server racks. Servers within cabinets share raised-floor space with other tenants. This is the best option for small businesses who do not require the extra space of a secure cage.

Cages – Cages are dedicated server spaces within a traditional raised-floor data center; they are surrounded by mesh walls and entered through a lockable sliding door. Private and multi-tenant cages are available, depending on your space requirements and need for customizable space dimensions.

Suites – Suites are dedicated, private server spaces within a traditional raised-floor data center that are fully customizable and designed to your specifications. MACCIUS suites are fully enclosed by solid partitions. These are ideal for those seeking 2,500 square feet or more of colocation space.

Because data centers are something many enterprises do not wish to manage, colocation services offer an attractive alternative that is not only more secure, but is also more affordable. Leveraging colocation services from MACCIUS provides abundant benefits, and we would love to discuss the options available which are best suited to your storage requirements.