Managed Hosting

Streaming Media

More likely than not, you find yourself dealing with a range of streaming needs in different departments. Marketing wants QuickTime support. Manufacturing needs Windows Media support, and customer service needs Real Media. You want to be able to centralize the administration of streaming servers, the disk storage of large audio and video files, and, of course, you want to be able to restrict and monitor bandwidth from the same central location. You seek to provide simple self-service to end-users while maintaining control. You also need to track usage by department and bill your internal customers based on their usage, when applicable.

MACCIUS accommodates the resources required to stream video and audio files without disappointing your users with poor streaming quality or the inability to stream content from mobile platforms. We are your choice when you want confidence in your ability to stream media during traffic spikes and keep your team equipped with the tools they need to perform.

Live Streaming

Most enterprises find video on-demand to meet their needs, but if your goal is to provide live broadcasts, then live streaming service from MACCIUS is your source for streaming services optimized to deliver with zero interruption and outstanding clarity. MACCIUS is provisioned to provide live streaming in real time to all desired platforms and devices. If you cannot deliver on all platforms, you are failing to give your end-users what they want, where and how they want it, and they will move on to find a source who does. An on-demand live recording option is also made available by MACCIUS to reach viewers unable to experience the broadcast live.

Why MACCIUS Streaming Media?

MACCIUS prides itself on serving a diverse client range, as we work with individual Internet streamers and enterprise broadcasters. With us as an extension of your team, you can rely on a flawless online streaming process, with steadfast alerts in place to provide a superior end-user experience. Our exceptional media stream monitoring and analytics provide the data you need to help your business grow. Keep track of where and how your videos are viewed, and by whom.

With transparent, monthly pricing and the ability to have MACCIUS fully manage your streaming media, you are able to reap the benefit of quality video that is reliable. Other benefits include:

Reduced Operating Costs - MACCIUS allows you to reduce costs by consolidating your servers and storage and centralizing your management. By automating management across multiple streaming servers and automating the workflow of users and administrators, you reduce labor costs and the probability of costly errors.

Boost Revenues - MACCIUS allows you to reach new customers and provide more services to existing customers, whether they are internal or external customers.

Catalla.Host - Video Content Management

Catalla.Host was developed using Catalla.AppServer Platform. This means Catalla.AppServer or your custom application will benefit from the powerful current and future features of Catalla.AppServer. Benefits and features of video content management, using Catalla.Host include:

  • Seamless support for multiple streaming servers
  • Both administrators and users use a single tool to manage streaming servers from different vendors, reducing labor costs for you and your users
  • Ability to organize content by subject and keywords, making it easy for customers to manage content on your servers.
  • Browser-based upload increases flexibility for customers and reduces administrative overhead - each “site” or workgroup can create and manage their own users
  • Multiple accounts allow you to manage video content, settings and users, with flexibility and full control over internal information sharing and user-generated content
  • Batch upload tool enables customers to upload content from any web browser, much simpler than using an FTP client
  • Content validation allows for upload and validation of large amounts of content
  • Bandwidth and storage management gives you greater control and lets you bill for services, and enables immediate notification of errors, therefore reducing tech support costs
  • Review and approval - system can be configured to require management approval before content is released to the general public
  • Automated Encoding Capabilities - self-service and/or expert assisted format conversion allows customers to upload content in a single format and automatically generate multiple streaming formats and gives you a unique value-added service with automatic billing
  • Streaming-server clustering - load-balancing and failover for all major streaming formats
  • CATALLA Tickets allow customers to control access to their content and work with all major streaming formats.

Contact MACCIUS to discuss what we can do to bring your video streaming to the next level, in keeping up with demands to connect on the platforms your customers utilize. You will find our streaming solutions to be the most cost-effective and reliable, as we at MACCIUS strive to exceed all industry standards for dependability and quality.