Managed Hosting

Email Collaboration For Teams

MACCIUS offers world-class email and collaboration hosting, designed to maximize employee efficiency and productivity. Only the most basic email packages can be implemented in-house without overtaxing your IT department and relying on them to react quickly during off-hours in the instance of unforeseen failures. Capital expenditures are great when enterprises implement a secure email service in-house, and the hiring of specialized staff is a strain on the IT budget.

When MACCIUS hosts your email and collaboration applications, you enjoy our dedicated staff serving as an extension of your team 24/7/365 to protect your sensitive information from viruses and other threats, including directory harvest attacks. A multi-layered defense is what you need to mitigate risk and optimize runtime.

The following further explains the vast benefits of outsourcing email and application hosting:

Reliability and Backup - MACCIUS provides email reliability and expertise that few companies can build on their own. Our infrastructure includes Network Appliance redundant storage, coupled with our fault-tolerant Sun Network providing 99.9% uptime for your business. MACCIUS' infrastructure has been in place since 1998 and handles over a billion messages per month for 200,000+ domains. Peace of mind with our data backup means your critical business communications are never in peril and are always available.

Faster, More Flexible Deployment - Hosted services allow enterprises to launch the rollout process to all locations at the same time, so there are no inconsistencies among key employees, regardless of location. With all hosted solutions from MACCIUS, there is a rapid deployment of services, so a new application or feature can be made available immediately to all branches.

Full-Feature Convenience - MACCIUS provides a full set of email features that are promptly made available to you and your business. Access your mail from the web on any browser, on any platform, or use your favorite email application with our POP and IMAP services. Centralized storage of information enables anytime access to critical data and uncomplicated collaboration.

Virus and Spam Protection - MACCIUS Total Protection provides protection for you and your business against harmful computer viruses and costly spam. Our virus software is updated hourly to keep new viruses away from your inbox. Our SpamShield product, along with our active protection systems, keeps spam and directory service attacks away from your servers and your inbox.

Geographic Coverage - Global organizations must insist on a solutions provider, such as MACCIUS, to ensure wide geographic coverage with unlimited scalability. Even those who are predominately based in a single country may find themselves wanting to hire remote employees in other parts of the world, or make products or services available to international customers.

Affordable Scalability - MACCIUS services scale as you grow, ensuring enough space for your increase in data, through all stages of expansion. We offer a flexible solution to allow you to easily upgrade as storage needs increase, without costly upgrades or new equipment.

Better Forecasting - MACCIUS provides a fixed subscription model that is predictable and affordable. Our fully managed hosting means you do not have to account for system maintenance or unforeseen repair costs, so your true expenditures are always known. Our plans start at under $3 per user per month, which is far less than hosting your own email system.

IT Efficiency - When centralized system management is performed by MACCIUS, your in-house IT resources can be better utilized, as their expertise remains focused on other areas. Outsourced email hosting eliminates the need for additional in-house database and systems security administration.

Compliance - In-house, bare-bones email systems are not secure, and when privacy is an utmost consideration due to an enterprise’s responsibility to comply with FISMA, SOX, PCI DSS or HIPPA guidelines, they must employ a secure system that produces detailed login audit trails, along with trails of all sent and received messages.

Bolstered Business Image - Hosted solutions are not tied to any one location and can be accessed over any infrastructure, using any device. This means that power outages, natural disasters and man-made strikes do not threaten your ability to communicate with customers or hamper your team’s ability to interface. When communication lines are impaired, your brand suffers.

Multiple Plans - MACCIUS has plans for individuals, businesses, ISP and web sites. Select the plan that is right for you, and let us take care of your email and collaboration.

We are on hand to assist entities of all sizes in enhancing productivity and reducing IT infrastructure costs. Allow our dedicated team of experts to provide an effective email solution equipped to guide you to the higher level of communication, efficiency and collaboration you demand.