E-mail & Collaboration

Why outsource your Email & Collaboration Application Hosting?



MACCIUS provides email reliability and expertise that few companies can build on their own. Our infrastructure includes Network Appliance redundant storage coupled with our fault tolerant Sun Network providing 99.9% uptime for you and your business. MACCIUS’ infrastructure has been in place since 1998 and handles over a billion messages a month for 200,000+ domains.


Full-Feature Convenience

MACCIUS provides a full set of email features that are immediately available to you and your business. Access your mail from the web or use your favorite email application with our POP and IMAP services.


Virus and Spam Protection

MACCIUS Total Protection provides protection for you and your business against harmful computer viruses and costly spam. Our virus software is updated hourly to keep new viruses away from your inbox. Our SpamShield product along with our active protection systems keeps spam and directory service attacks away from your servers and your inbox.


Affordable Scalability

MACCIUS services scale as you grow. We can handle your growth without costly upgrades or new equipment. Our plans start at under $3 per user per month, which is far less than hosting your own email system.


Multiple Plans

MACCIUS has plans for individuals, businesses, ISP and web sites. Select the plan that is right for you and let us take care of your email.


For more information about MACCIUS™ or any of our services, call us toll-free at 888.622.2487 or email us at sales@maccius.com