Best in Class Las Vegas Dedicated Servers

MACCIUS offers distinctive hosting solutions to meet the needs of companies ranging from those developing their first website, to Fortune 200 corporations running large e-commerce sites. MACCIUS dedicated server hosting is a fully managed, single-server hosting solution designed for companies seeking the performance and security associated with a dedicated server but do not wish to invest in, maintain and administer an on-site server. As your web business grows, so will the technical and physical resources necessary to operate it effectively, and MACCIUS offers optimal performance, scalability and reliability with our fully managed server hosting.

Why MACCIUS Dedicated Server Hosting?

MACCIUS dedicated server hosting allows your business to outsource your web-enabled business sites in a secure environment with 24/7/365 support and fast, reliable and scalable bandwidth resources. These services are packaged in various configurations, providing the best solution for your business needs.

You can depend on seamless delivery, better inventory forecasting, and a high-quality customer experience. MACCIUS dedicated web hosting offers your business the following benefits:

  • Superior performance, providing redundant high-bandwidth connectivity
  • Brandname hardware with a proven high-performance track record
  • Managed hardware and software solutions
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Software upgrades
  • Application deployment
  • Industry-leading service level agreements
  • Highly reliable network connectivity and fully redundant power availability
  • Exceptional customer support, with 24/7/365 monitoring
  • On-site, advanced technical support
  • Full and incremental data backups
  • Better usage of your IT personnel
  • Added benefits of our fully staffed, state-of-the-art data centers

Who Needs Dedicated Server Hosting?

Deciding on a dedicated server is a critical decision and one most successful businesses find themselves having to make when they find an increase in web traffic. Such success is a good thing, and MACCIUS is on hand to help you transition to a dedicated server without burdening you with a huge upfront investment in equipment.

While the cost for a dedicated server is higher than a shared server, optimal server uptime is key to a positive end-user experience, and when high web traffic dictates the need for a dedicated server, most businesses find it is too risky not to make the move. When page loading times increase, or database requests result in error messages due to high volume, it is time to consider what a dedicated server can mean for your enterprise’s expansion.

Customization is another compelling argument for a dedicated server. Shared hosting plans include a defined software list, but when a dedicated server is yours only, you are able to install any software when you see fit, and you are not faced with having to wait for the web host to install updates, as is the case with a shared server.

In addition to high-traffic websites, certain areas of business almost always require a dedicated server. These include:

Reseller Hosting - Businesses who build websites for others stand to earn more money by providing hosting for sites they build. A dedicated server has the hardware requirements needed if you are planning for several clients on your server or if you build applications requiring intense processing power.

Increased Compliance and Security Requirements - Higher levels of security are a benefit of single-tenancy and help enterprises comply with FISMA, PCI DSS, HIPPA and SOX guidelines.

Sizable E-commerce Websites - During high traffic times, your only certainty in operating efficiently is to rely on a dedicated server to perform at peak levels. Spikes in bandwidth usage and bad scripts running on other websites do not slow your server down when you do not share a server with sites belonging to other entities.

Firms with High-Profile Clients - The nature of who they are leads to public figures having high-traffic on their websites. The stand to benefit greatly from a dedicated server that can also house their live-streaming needs.

MACCIUS is your trusted provider for a fully managed dedicated server you can rely on as your business moves forward. Allow us to be your source for a customizable dedicated server, to ensure your mission-critical applications run at optimal level, and your business data remains accessible and secure.