Application and Database

Industry-leading database management from the experts at MACCIUS ensures support and continuity in arming you with tools to help you make the most of your valued database. Relational databases are the lifeblood of your business, and they contain the critical customer information that supports your enterprise’s ability to grow and build profitable business relationships. Our database management service is designed to allow you to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our consultants, to maintain an optimal, highly available database configuration.

While offering superior reliability, scalability, and performance, the MACCIUS database management service is the best choice for hosting Sybase, Oracle, OpenBase, FrontBase and MySQL applications. To optimize your database and reap the most benefit from the capabilities of your server, MACCIUS offers database services that will analyze and tune your database, and provide administrative services, so your database continues to run at peak efficiency.

Benefits of MACCIUS Database Management

  • Reduced risk with the use of highly skilled administration and monitoring of database operations
    • Hands-on mentoring and augmentation of your database administration staff
    • Improved application reliability and availability
    • 24/7/365 support and troubleshooting from our experts in database management

Supported Platforms

  • Sybase
    • Oracle
    • OpenBase
    • FrontBase
    • MySQL

MACCIUS offers a number of options from disk space on a shared database server, to high-availability, clustering solutions.

Database Monitoring

Monitoring Hours - MACCIUS NOC monitors your environment around the clock for greater uptime. All systems are monitored 24/7/365.

Connectivity - MACCIUS checks for the database connectivity of your environment. If the ability to connect to the database fails, it sets off alerts to the NOC for immediate remedial actions.

Database Maintenance

Scheduled Backup Setup - Database backup is setup to run on a schedule, usually daily. MACCIUS will configure your database to be setup in such a schedule and configure all the required parameters for the backup software.

Index Maintenance - For all types of databases, MACCIUS regularly conducts maintenance on the indexes. This improves the performance of queries and keeps the database in a healthy state.

Database Security and Permissions - MACCIUS helps you to setup users and their roles. It maintains the administration users and controls their passwords. Security checks are conducted to detect any holes in the system accessibility.

Database Recovery/Restore from Backup - If a restore is requested, MACCIUS conducts one, using the database backups from disk/tape. In the unforeseen event of a database crash, a recovery will be done from the backup disk/tape.

Database Implementation

Creating Tables and Indexes - Creation of database objects is done by the MACCIUS DBAs once the environment is in full production state. Data storage objects like tables and indexes are created with optimal storage parameters and are maintained by the DBAs.

Creating Stored Procedures and Triggers - Data manipulation objects like procedures, functions and triggers are also setup by the DBAs. When this is done, the original design and standards are kept in mind.

Database Patching - Database vendors occasionally release patches to fix specific bugs. MACCIUS installs these patches, and a patch log is maintained.

Database Tuning Recommendations - MACCIUS regularly makes recommendations for improving the query performance. Specific tuning recommendations, like rewriting the queries and tweaking system parameters, are provided.

Database Performance Recommendations - Improving the overall performance of the database by coalescing or the de-fragmentation of database objects can be recommended by the MACCIUS DBAs, depending on your specific needs.

Database Design Assistance - MACCIUS DBAs have vast experience in database design concepts. You can tap into this experience by requesting recommendations and assistance with your database design initiatives. MACCIUS will assist you in your design needs, and for an additional fee, can implement the entire database design for you, based on your requirements and parameters.

Database Refresh - Should you need to have a development database environment as a copy of the production site, MACCIUS DBAs can do this for you, per your requirements.

Database Support

Monthly Technical Hours Available - Monthly technical hours vary according to the database management plan you have selected and include all of the actions listed above.

Phone, Web and Email Support - MACCIUS provides access to your support issues via its website. Alternatively, you can call toll-free or email your questions directly to our support team. This service is provided at no additional charge in select packages.

Conference Call - MACCIUS DBAs conduct a monthly conference call to best address your needs and issues, if any. It also gives you an opportunity to bring up any new initiatives or voice your concern regarding any issue pertaining to the database environment. This service is provided at no additional charge in select packages.

Contact us to discuss which of our plans best fit your enterprise database management needs. Our team of well-rated experts is on hand to maintain a healthy flow of data throughout your company and protect you against unforeseen risk. For confidence in your ability to access and provide data, trust MACCIUS to be your database management team.

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