Managed Hosting

Secure Management

MACCIUS On-Demand Managed Hosting solutions helps enable organizations to quickly, safely and cost-effectively deploy on-line commerce, Web-enabled business applications or business-to-business Web Services. Whether your company is a large Fortune 1000 company, a multi-national conglomerate, or a small-medium sized business, MACCIUS services are designed for maximum flexibility to meet your unique needs.

We understand that every customer has unique business requirements and with our Managed Hosting services, we offer a broad range of high-value and high-availability Web, application and database hosting solutions to meet those needs. Whether you need a dedicated Web server for a departmental solution, a streaming server for your media files or someone to manage your email, MACCIUS can tailor a hosting solution to meet your needs. Leave the complexities of managing your own data and servers to us and don t risk huge IT infrastructure start-up costs and equipment obsolescence.