Maccius Software

Software On-Demand

MACCIUS enables Mac OS-based applications to be delivered over the Internet by providing managed hosting, infrastructure and application, security, and storage services that are specialized for the Apple application developer, ISV community and Enterprise. Increasingly, companies of all sizes with limited IT budgets or staff are turning to Web-enabled applications and Software On-Demand Service to solve their information technology needs. MACCIUS goal is to enable thousands of existing Apple solution providers and ISVs to make their applications accessible of the Web and add Software On-Demand to their product portfolios.

What is Software On-Demand?

Software On-Demand is an exciting new opportunity for ISVs, VARs and System integrators to provide their software application capabilities on a rental/subscription basis according to a service level agreement [SLA], and that delivers application services on a one-to-many basis via a web and/or wide area network.

Where are you located?

The market for software on-demand reached $23 billion in 2003 according to analyst firm Dataquest. In the CRM segment alone, which is predicted to reach $3.5 billion in software license revenue by 2006, according to Forrester Research. MACCIUS has formed alliances with application developers in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Messaging & Collaboration, Web Meetings, CRM markets as proof of the need for an Application Infrastructure Provider focused on software on-demand model.

  • No Upgrade Costs:
    Since MACCIUS "hosts" the application on its servers in a data center, the application is delivered to your company via the Internet. You are ensured of having the latest technology at all times.

  • Minimal Administration:
    MACCIUS provides all the hosting and management of the servers to run the application. You no longer need to update software, troubleshoot problems on your own. This all happens behind the scenes by MACCIUS, so your team can spend more time and money on what you do best.

  • Automatic Backup:
    All your documents and information is automatically backed up with echoing.

  • Always Available:
    24x7x365 and universally accessible with any Internet-connected device.

  • Regulated Cash Flow:
    Because hosted applications are delivered on a subscription basis, your cash flow is protected from erratic expenses. This helps with financial forecasting and expense management.

  • Fewer Training Expenses:
    When you integrate a new business tool in-house, the expense of bringing your team up-to-speed on how to use it can be high and the process time-consuming. ASPs often offer affordable and easy-to-access application training for employees to handle at their own pace. There's no need to pay travel costs to send employees to training workshops, and--unlike ad hoc in-house training--you can have confidence that the training they receive thoroughly covers the software's capabilities.